Exploring Your Future (Hero’s Journey)

Facilitator Resources



Purpose and Goals: 

(entering 9th and 10th grade students)

The purpose of this program is to bring awareness to students of the requirements for attending post-secondary institutions while focusing on the need to prepare by doing well in high school courses.  This will be accomplished by providing students with an opportunity to attend a seven day academy at a university in order to experience elements of university life.

The students will attend a seven day campus experience where:

1)     The student will discover their personal style of leadership, communication skills and team building and learn how to be more effective as an individual pursuing post-secondary education.

2)     The student will identify a career path that will utilize his/her innate strengths.

a.     The student will identify the post-secondary schools that offer the degree or certification needed for the chosen career.

b.     The student will have an opportunity to meet professional individuals and have an opportunity to discuss the details of the professions.

c.      The student will visit university departments to gain understanding of university lifestyle.

3)     The student will develop an individual academic plan for the subsequent school years and requirements for pursuing their selected career path.

4)     The student will explore and engage in a variety of career paths and academic interests through tours, professional panelists, and fairs.

5)     The student will be provided information regarding the FAFSA and scholarship or other resources and the process for completing applications.

6)     The student will participate in a transitional workshop to identify obstacles that may be encountered in their high school or post-secondary efforts.  They will work with team facilitators to identify individual solutions.

7)     The student’s parents will be informed about the program so they are able to partner with their child’s efforts to graduate and pursue their selected career path.

8)     The student will interact with college students similar to their socio-economic background, and with similar family, cultural, and educational barriers. They will become aware that with effort they can achieve their post-secondary dream.

9) The student will be encouraged to share their academy experience with their community and their parent advisory councils.